Are you looking for the best Java Training Institute? It is quite inevitable that Java is the third most  demanded programming language throughout the world after python and C. This article is about how java is one of the top 3 programming languages of the world. What are the different fields in which java is being used. How can you be a java developer? What will be the best JAVA training institute for you? Scopes and career as a java developer. Here are some points which you should keep in mind before getting into this.

  • What is java?
  • History behind java programming language
  • Where is java used?
  • Features of java
  • Applications of java
  • Types of applications of java
  • Scopes and career in java

What is Java?

Java is one of the secured programming languages which is widely used in desktop applications, enterprise applications, mobile, robotics, games, smart cards and many more.

It is a high-level language, object oriented and robust. If you are also interested in JAVA then you can do JAVA course in noida from APTRON institute where after completion you get 100% placement in top companies.

History behind java programming language

Father of Java is James Gosling and it was discovered in 1995 by sun microsystems.

java was initially designed for interactive television. java team members who were also known as green team. Initially this project was started for the purpose of digital devices like setup boxes and television. But it is best suited for internet programming languages. Principle behind making java is to make it simple, interacting, portable, high level, object oriented, interpreted, and dynamic.

Where is java used for?

Java is an object oriented and high level language that is used in different fields. Developers use java as mobile applications, gaming consoles, data centres, etc. it is the third most popular language in the world after python and C.

Features of java

Hence, Java is the third most popular programming language after Python and C. It has several features which makes Java stand in the top 3 programming languages. They are as follows-

Versatility– it is quite flexible and can be used in making web applications, android applications, and also software development tools.

Development tools– IDE stands for integrated development environment. It is the most fascinating feature of java. It has the bundles of automation tools, editors and debuggers.

User friendly- java programming language is made in simple english grammar like language which makes it easier for the newbies to understand.

Documentation– java is an open source programming language which is completely free to use. It also has full guidance that will explain to you if you are assembling any mistakes somehow.

Robust API– API stands for application programming interface. It is quite wide and comprehensive that in many methods it can be used directly in code because it has only fifty keywords.

Application of JAVA

Now a days there are billions of devices where java runs some of them are as follows-

  1. Desktop applications- in desktop applications there are so many examples we can see like- antiviruses, acrobat reader, media player and many more all run on java.
  2. Web applications-, shopping carts, gmail, google sheets etc
  3. Enterprise applications- CRM systems, clubs, charities etc
  4. Games- 2d and 3d games
  5. Mobiles- netflix, uber, tinder etc
  6. Robotics – to perform robots simple tasks as samples
  7. Smart cards- debit cards, credit cards etc
  8. Embedded systems- ecommerce, wireless communication etc

Types of applications

Standalone application– it is also known as a desktop application. These types of applications we need to install in every machine. Some of examples of standalone applications are- media player, acrobat reader, antiviruses etc.

Web application– it is a kind of application which runs on a server side and also creates a dynamic page which is called web application. Some of the examples of web applications are- shopping carts, gmail, google sheets etc.

Enterprise application– this application is distributed across the nature such as banking application etc. it is mainly used in high level security, balancing.

Mobile applications– the applications which we use on our mobiles are called mobile applications such as netflix, uber etc.

Scopes and career in JAVA


Earlier the scope of the developers were quite low but due to the demand of digitalisation among the whole world the demand of developers has been increased rapidly. After the establishment in 1990 the demand and worth has grown exponentially. Currently the IT sector in India has a growth of $200 billion and it is assumed that it is going to be worth $350 billions till the year of 2025 only.


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In this article, we have talked about the JAVA programming language, how it is one of the best programming languages in the world. Further we discussed what JAVA is. History behind it is how it originated and became so wide that we are using it in almost everything.

After that its features and applications where we are using JAVA in our day to day life. In Fact we also get to know here about the types of applications of JAVA. further, we discussed the scope and career in JAVA also at last we have suggested the best training institute in Noida from where you can learn JAVA programming and can start your career as a JAVA developer.

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